Monday, August 26, 2013

Downtown restaurant creates controversy over crazy cuisine

Charleston, SC- On an average drive through Downtown Charleston you are sure to find an array of restaurants that are sure to cater to any palette. For one local entrepreneur that is exactly what he is counting on.

"There is nothing like it here or anywhere," Sha'ron Mazel said. "To be the first to try this in such an awesome market for foodies is a risk but one that I will gladly take.'

With the health kick underway Mazel plans to bring in healthy dining with a twist. He touts his restaurant as one that will revolutionize the industry and bring all walks of like in to his business. "Everyone wants to be healthy. From the president of the Charleston Cab Company, to the homeless man on the corner," Mazel said. "What better way be healthy than with the prime organ, the master of nutrients, the amalgam of life."

That is right Charleston, Mazel is speaking of a restaurant that serves finely prepared placenta. 

The placenta is thought by many health experts to be the "fountain of youth" and a source of cure for any ailment or disease that a person can get. Local experts say that the cure for cancer could very well lie in the placenta.

"To open a restaurant that serves placenta to the masses means increased health for everyone," Dr. Nathan Franks explains. "I am just glad that not only can my office supply him with the discarded placentas, but I can also be one of the first to try it.'

The aptly named, "Plac-In-Time" will be opening its doors to adventurous Charleston residents by November.

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