Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Google outage causes headaches for people everywhere.

US- According to the Google the description of what will happen to signal the apocalypse is; Wait GOOGLE IS DOWN, I repeat GOOGLE IS DOWN!

Millions of internet users were surprised and startled to learn that the popular search engine Google was not working Wednesday morning. Along with the search engine not being operational some Google services were also affected by the outage.

Users quickly turned to social media site to ensure they were not the only ones affected and to express their opinions of what it all means.

Twitter user @brandtprince said: "I was using google maps when it suddenly turned in to apple maps! ." Many other users questioned what that meant for the future such as Twitter user @predsgal who stated, "So glad I survived the great outage 2013...I might have had to talk to a person or open a book if it had lasted any longer!."

During this disaster the company behind the search engine "Bing" geared up for more business and even called in their two on-call employees. "We are prepared to handle as many as 300 searches per hour as of now," Bing search director Toby Arnotobee said, "and when our on-call employees get in we should be able to handle up to 450."

As of the time of writing Google is now back up and operational, and you should be able to use maps and services as normal. Bing has since told their two on-call workers they can take the rest of the day off.

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