Wednesday, March 26, 2014

New Phone Scam Frustrating the Nation

Washington DC - The FBI is probing a recent rise of a phone scam that targets anyone unfortunate enough to call in to automated systems. So far over 30 million Americans have called in to report the scam and it has left some heartbroken and unwilling to call in to automated customer service.

It happened to WDCA's own reporter Adam Summerlain last week.

"I called in to my bank just like normal and I went to press the button to check my account. Before I pressed it I heard the pre-recorded voice on the other end.," Summerlain said.

This, according to FBI investigators, is where the scam strikes.

"The recorded message told me to listen carefully as the menu options may have recently changed," Summerlain continued. "I thought it was no big deal because it is a big bank and I am sure things are upgrading and staying current."

But what he found was that nothing had changed at all and he could have input his option he knew to be correct from the very beginning.

In our own investigation we called over 64 companies to be greeted with similar messages only to find out that 99% of the menu options had not changed. The only one that did see a change was by a company that used to offer specialized burial services for pets but is now a fast food Chinese restaurant.

Special Agent Ricardo Juarez of the FBI informed us that this tactic is used by many companies in an effort to keep customers on the phone resulting in an aggressive attitude before actually speaking with a human.

"The reason they do that is so you are so angry after sitting and realizing nothing has changed, that they can effectively offer you poor customer service and you will just be happy that you are not waiting to hear if your menu option has changed," Juarez stated. "One way for you as the consumer to fight back is to push a random number and make the operator have to transfer you to the correct department."

The only way to stop this sickening behavior is to alert your family and friends before it is too late.

To contact us regarding this story. Please call 855-558-0000 Option 4. But please listen closely as our menu may have changed.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Tim Tebow brought to Jacksonville for Jaguars game against Denver

Tim Tebow arriving in Jacksonville
Duvall County FL- Florida just got one of their own back today. Former New England Patriot QB Time Tebow arrived in Jacksonville today at the wishes of the Jaguars coaching staff. With the 0-5 Jaguars struggling against every team they play, coaches are hoping Tebow can be the face of change.

It is no secret that Florida loves Tebow. His college career in Gainesville was storied and showed that he had a lot to offer the NFL. His dedication to the game and his team was without question. Once called out for being more worried about his image than his team, he wore jorts and Jerusalem Cruisers with socks to a photo shoot proving the only thing he cares about is football, and Jesus.

The Jaguars coaching staff hopes to bring some of that blessing on their team now.

"Everyone knows he has the inside knowledge of not only how the Broncos work, but how God and Jesus work, and we are hoping to bring that to our team," Jaguars general manager David Caldwell said.

Stay tuned for updates as they come.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Clemson clashes with Georgia, gains superpower

Greenville SC – Clemson has surged to its highest ranking in The Associated Press poll in 25 years after the Tigers won the biggest game of the opening weekend of the college football season.

Clemson is No. 4 in the first regular season Top 25, following its 38-35 victory against Georgia. The reason for their success is simple. They are doing it for Howard’s Rock.

The traditional rubbing of the rock before every Clemson home game is traced back to 1966 when Coach Frank Howard took the rock to a voodoo priestess in the foothills of Greenville to fill it with potential. The only catch, the players had to give an impossible 110% in order for this potential to be released to them.

That was until June when Howard’s Rock was vandalized by a Clemson fan. Since that day numerous sources have mentioned some weird occurrences to anyone that has prolonged exposure to the rock.

“I was standing watch over the rock waiting on repairs to be completed to the protective case, and I felt almost superhuman,” field security guard Ronnie Barnhardt said. “I suddenly felt like I was Bruce Lee. As a matter of fact three ball boys had to be sent to the hospital from my attack when they came up behind me un-announced.”

After Clemson’s surprise win over Georgia this weekend, Georgia Coach Mark Richt asked for the NCAA to investigate the rock.  The findings are staggering.

“Our tests showed an unexplainable power emanating from Howard’s Rock. We have taken a small chunk of the rock to our labs for further testing,” said NCAA spokesperson Ken Brown.

Our news team traveled to the foothills of Greenville to track down the voodoo priestess to see if she could explain what is happening. The 90 year old woman asked to remain anonymous but offered this information: “When I first put the spell on the rock I did it so that each rub would transfer some power to the player. With the chunk being taken out the voodoo deep inside the rock is now flowing as if it is constantly being rubbed. I expect Clemson to win the NCAA Championship this year if the rock is still around them.”

Upon finding out this news, Clemson Coach Dabo Swinney set up a tent over the rock where he is camping out. Coach Swinney said, “I will show that one coach from Columbia what a real coach I can be this year!”

No news on what the NCAA plans to do with Howard’s Rock at this point.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Downtown restaurant creates controversy over crazy cuisine

Charleston, SC- On an average drive through Downtown Charleston you are sure to find an array of restaurants that are sure to cater to any palette. For one local entrepreneur that is exactly what he is counting on.

"There is nothing like it here or anywhere," Sha'ron Mazel said. "To be the first to try this in such an awesome market for foodies is a risk but one that I will gladly take.'

With the health kick underway Mazel plans to bring in healthy dining with a twist. He touts his restaurant as one that will revolutionize the industry and bring all walks of like in to his business. "Everyone wants to be healthy. From the president of the Charleston Cab Company, to the homeless man on the corner," Mazel said. "What better way be healthy than with the prime organ, the master of nutrients, the amalgam of life."

That is right Charleston, Mazel is speaking of a restaurant that serves finely prepared placenta. 

The placenta is thought by many health experts to be the "fountain of youth" and a source of cure for any ailment or disease that a person can get. Local experts say that the cure for cancer could very well lie in the placenta.

"To open a restaurant that serves placenta to the masses means increased health for everyone," Dr. Nathan Franks explains. "I am just glad that not only can my office supply him with the discarded placentas, but I can also be one of the first to try it.'

The aptly named, "Plac-In-Time" will be opening its doors to adventurous Charleston residents by November.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Fight breaks out after local man called "Homo" during home closing

Winford Babbage after being released.
Mt. Pleasant SC- Police were called to the offices of Attorney Chuck Keystone this afternoon after a physical altercation broke out during the exchange of the keys.

Winford Babbage was buying his first house when he became aggravated at Mr. Keystone for hurling insults at him during the signing process. "I felt as if he was jealous of me for being able to buy a house during these rough economic times but that does not mean he can call me names the whole time." the 53 year old Babbage said. "I do not support the gay lifestyle and for him to call me that is totally wrong."

Multiple people at the closing informed Mr. Babbage that there is no wrong in the name but he was still very offended by it. "I have no clue what a 'Ner' is but I know I am definitely not a homo one of those, so that kind of language upset me," Mr. Babbage said.

Attorney Keystone insisted that being called a "new homeowner" is a compliment not everyone can afford and that it is a badge of honor. Keystone said that every time he would say "new homeowner" Mr Babbage would become upset which eventually led to the fight.

After being released from custody Mr. Babbage refused his keys and said, "I will just keep living with mama, Lord knows I don't want a house that make me go to hell."

Investigations revealed that the office for the attorney did no wrong in this case and that the pronunciation of the word "homeowner" is to blame.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Google outage causes headaches for people everywhere.

US- According to the Google the description of what will happen to signal the apocalypse is; Wait GOOGLE IS DOWN, I repeat GOOGLE IS DOWN!

Millions of internet users were surprised and startled to learn that the popular search engine Google was not working Wednesday morning. Along with the search engine not being operational some Google services were also affected by the outage.

Users quickly turned to social media site to ensure they were not the only ones affected and to express their opinions of what it all means.

Twitter user @brandtprince said: "I was using google maps when it suddenly turned in to apple maps! ." Many other users questioned what that meant for the future such as Twitter user @predsgal who stated, "So glad I survived the great outage 2013...I might have had to talk to a person or open a book if it had lasted any longer!."

During this disaster the company behind the search engine "Bing" geared up for more business and even called in their two on-call employees. "We are prepared to handle as many as 300 searches per hour as of now," Bing search director Toby Arnotobee said, "and when our on-call employees get in we should be able to handle up to 450."

As of the time of writing Google is now back up and operational, and you should be able to use maps and services as normal. Bing has since told their two on-call workers they can take the rest of the day off.

Monday, March 4, 2013

PSA: The Price of Addiction

I received this today and thought I should share it all with you. Please look for signs of addiction in the lives of your loved ones:

Names have been changed to protect the innocent.

Today I learned the horrible price that addiction can cost. Addiction is a silent, sometimes unknown disease that can affect the stranger on the corner, or even worse, someone in your own family...

Today, we learned that our son Jason is an addict...

I blame myself mostly. When he was only a few months old he was crying non-stop. Nothing seemed to help. Not the bottle, or the passy, not even "Barney." I did the only thing an inexperienced father like myself could do. I put candy in his mouth, specifically a Dum-Dum. I should have noticed the immediate change in behavior and the calming effect that it had on him. All I could think about was the fact that he was not crying.

This happened from time to time without me thinking about it. Shannon was not aware of how frequently I was doing it or she would have intervened.

At first it was Dum-Dums but like all seemingly innocent experiments, it lead the way to other candy. Hershey Kisses, Milky Ways and things like that. They all had the same effect, but they were even more powerful as we kept introducing new candies.

We finally found his candy of choice when we gave him Resse's Cups. They were magical to him. The smooth, velvety peanut butter mixed with the sweet, delicate chocolate took him to new places he had never been. We would pass them in the store and he would ask for them every time. We knew it was wrong but we often caved in. We just wanted what every parent wants for their child; for them to be happy.

Soon regular Reese's Cups weren't enough. He started to try other things; Reese's Crunch cereal, Reese's Minis, Reese's Eggs, and he even tried Reese's in brownies.

We noticed a problem when he would sneak off to another room and come back with the smell of peanut butter and chocolate emanating from his mouth. We would ask him what he was doing but always the same answer, "Nothing!"

We ignored the problem and thought that by ignoring it that it would correct itself. How wrong we were...

Today Jason went upstairs to him room during a time he would normally be down watching his show. He was quiet at first. But like a slowly accelerating jet he built momentum until he was non-stop and running around the house.

He was chasing the cats, riding the dogs, shooting all of his Nerf guns at once. He ran down the stairs, then up the stairs and back and forth and back and forth. We caught a glimpse of the blur that was Jason at one point and our attention was brought to his mouth. By the time we saw it we were too late.

Jason had chocolate around his mouth.

We went to his room and began searching high and low. Shannon called out to me that she thought she saw something under Jason's bed. Knowing that I am way too big to fit under the bed, this was the perfect hiding spot for Jason. Shannon got a flashlight and shined it into the dark recesses of the bed. We saw what we were afraid we would see... the shiny orange and brown wrappers. Jason had been hiding a secret stash since Halloween...

As I type this Jason is still not down from his high yet, and he is currently on the toilet experiencing a side effect of the Reese's Cups.

I want to remind you all that addiction is a bad thing. It will destroy your family and friendships. It will come between brothers and sisters. It will leave you broken physically and mentally, and you will turn in to a shell on the inside, waiting to get your next fix.

I pray that none of you ever have to go through what we are going through now.